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I have to be honest; altars are somewhat of an unfamiliar fixture to me.  I’ve seen them in people’s homes, often on the floor, but I was not raised religiously, and never knew there were guidelines for it until I began to study Feng Shui. A recent client of mine who I’ll call “Jenn” has […]

Feng Shui Basics: Clutter! Part 2

Continued from blog post Feng Shui Basics: Cluter! Part 1 Once you’ve checked out and removed obstructions from the front door, foyer, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, make sure you do the same in the rest of the house including the living room, bathrooms, even the laundry area and closets.  Really tackle this clutter issue! […]

Feng Shui Basics: Clutter! …Part 1

I have to admit that as I type this, there is definitely not enough space on my desk. As I face my laptop, I have papers piled up on my left, and the files of my last two consultations on my right. I have a printer on my desk too, which just shouldn’t be there. […]

Mercury in Retrograde

In March, for the first Mercury Retrograde of this year, I put the following post on my website (not having this blog at the time!).  It explains Mercury Retrograde, what to expect, how to guard yourself, etc…. We have started this retrograde again today, July 14th, 2012.  There will be one more this year after this.  […]

“Nothing Changed for Me”

I’m writing this with permission from the client I’m speaking of with nothing but appreciation, love and gratitude!  This particular client didn’t want to make changes on the day of the consultation, she wanted to wait for my written report that would come a few days later. This is not uncommon, as my reports often have […]

Feng Shui Basics: Dust!

It happens.  It’s inevitable.  Most of us try our hardest to keep it away but alas, more of it always returns.  We all know about the respiratory problems that dust can cause, and we know that dust is unsightly.  I won’t even get into what it actually consists of – it ain’t pretty.  As a child, I was always particularly sensitive […]

My First Blog Post!

This is very important. The very first one should be something significant. Something personal yet broad enough to enlighten even the least likely person to read a Feng Shui blog. What to say…. I’ll just go with a general introduction: I’m Cyndi. My website is That’s Feng Shui Elements. You can read all about […]