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“Nothing Changed for Me”

I’m writing this with permission from the client I’m speaking of with nothing but appreciation, love and gratitude!  This particular client didn’t want to make changes on the day of the consultation, she wanted to wait for my written report that would come a few days later. This is not uncommon, as my reports often have additional information to what we discussed in person.

Phone follow-up, 3 weeks after my consultation with her:

Me:  “How’s it going?  Have you felt any shifts? Has anything opened up for you?”

Client: “Nothing Changed for me, Cyndi.  Feng Shui doesn’t work at my house”.

Me:  “Did you implement the changes we discussed?”

Client: “Well, kind of.”

Me: “Ok, did you move the water feature out of the bathroom and place it at your entrance where we decided it would look nice?”

Client:  “Oh, well, I didn’t do that one.  But I did clean up a lot, and organized the office files”

Me: “That’s great!  Did you re-arrange the bed so that your head is pointing east, on that side wall?”

Client: “Well, I can’t move it myself, I’m waiting for someone to help me”.

Me:  “Ok, good.  remember we also discussed the area outside the front door, and how the windows in the living room had mud splattered…”

Client: (Interrupts) “I CAN’T DO IT, IT’S ALL TOO HARD!”

Me:  “what are you doing tomorrow morning?”

Client:  “Nothing”.

Me:  “I’ll be there at 9:30”.

This is the abbreviated version of the conversation. 

I’d like to make 2 points regarding your future, existing or past consultation:

  1. Resisting Change – I completely understand that especially when you can’t see something with your eyes it’s hard to feel motivated to make a change, however small that change may be (like throwing out a vase full of dead flowers!).  We all resist change to some degree, no matter what it is.  We are creatures of habit. We want to be comfortable and have things the way we have had them for perhaps many years.  Keep in mind that the result of your Feng Shui consultation will reduce the negative and stagnant energy and circumstances that are currently bogging you down in your life and replace them with enhancements for a happy, healthy and wealthy life.  Is it possible that you are afraid to succeed?  Are you standing in your own way?  Are you weary of the unknown or of putting yourself out there in your business or venture because you fear what others will think of you? Try not to be your own road block.
  2. Taking Action – Just because you’ve received the information and even have it in writing, doesn’t mean you have good Feng Shui.  Remember: it won’t work for you if you don’t make the adjustments.   It’s all for your benefit, so just give it a try. I’m here to help you do it, as is every other Feng Shui consultant I’ve ever spoken with – we want you to be happy and succeed.  After all, you’ve paid us to give you our knowledge.  Please take it seriously, make the necessary adjustments and let it work for you! ❤

By the way, this particular client had many issues including a stagnant love life and a business venture that she couldn’t get off the ground.  I said “had” because less than 8 months later she not opened up her own bakery in a stripmall, but is selling her products online worldwide!  Business is steady and most of all, she thoroughly enjoys it.  She has been meeting a lot of new people because of this venture, including a new man!


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