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Feng Shui Basics: Clutter! …Part 1

I have to admit that as I type this, there is definitely not enough space on my desk. As I face my laptop, I have papers piled up on my left, and the files of my last two consultations on my right. I have a printer on my desk too, which just shouldn’t be there. It takes up way too much space. My spinning wealth frog is also on my desk, which I spin every morning as I sit down. A cup of pens and colored pencils, electric pencil sharpener, Luo Pan (Chinese compass), Lillian Too’s 2012 Almanac for reference, phone, speaker for my iPhone and a little heating platform for my coffee cup – all on this 2’x6’ desk. Basically, I don’t have space to even put my elbows up if I wanted to. This is clutter.

Most of this should go, and it will. For me it is definitely temporary because I am fortunate to know and live by the basic principles of Feng Shui. I believe in it with every shred of my sanity and keep it up regularly in my daily life. I can honestly say that I don’t really have a cluttered home at all. You might think that this may be a biased statement though. Someone else might come in and look at my eclectic collection of books and think it is clutter. Another person might thing the nine pillows on the living room couch is excessive. It’s all relative to a point. It is my job as a Feng Shui consultant to determine at what point it obstructs the flow of Chi; at what point it becomes harmful.

I’m talking about excessive clutter. Even hoarding. I want you to visualize for a minute with me:

Imagine opening your front door to a soft, flow of water that waves in nicely, soothingly at a moderate pace. Water will flow the path of least resistance, so where will it go in your house?

Exterior – What is outside your front door?  I’ve often advocated for the “bright hall” effect that is well known to those who know Feng Shui: an open space that allows positive Chi to gather and fill the spaces entering the home.  The front door’s exterior should be well-kept, welcoming and uncluttered.  Any obstruction outside the front door will hinder the ability of positive Chi (the good stuff!) to nourish your space.

Foyer – If there is clutter behind your front door as it swings open that is its first obstruction. In Feng Shui thinking, this is a huge no-no. Nothing should impede the front door and foyer. Continue now onto the next rooms of the home.

Dining Room – Many of us don’t use our formal dining room so unfortunately it becomes a catch-all room.  Is anything in its way that would cause the water to stop or splash back? If this is your least favorite room, try to re-vamp and make it your new favorite!  Get that clutter out.

Kitchen – Are your counters loaded with food, vitamin bottles, plastic containers, cookware? This all slows the flow if Chi.  The more surface space you have, the better.  Keep the counters and the floor clean and clear always and you will have a beautiful flow throughout your kitchen.

Let’s go to bedrooms now – any chance you have clothes or blankets on your floor? Do you store anything under your bed? This is a very beneficial place for energy to flow while you sleep. If you do not have a platform bed, keep the under-bed area free of clutter. If you absolutely need that space for storage, use it for bedding – sheets, blankets, extra pillows, pillow cases… things in relation to beneficial slumber.

This only scratches the surface. Basic Feng Shui: Clutter! Part 2 coming soon! More rooms, reasons why people accumulate clutter and what to do with your clutter all addressed in posts to come.


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