Feng Shui Amulets: The Wu Lou

The Wu Lou, also spelled Wu Luo and Hu Lu, is used to bring good health luck.  Buddhists and Taoists regard the Wu Lou as a symbol of good fortune in health and longevity. The most effective ones are made of brass, but they are also widely available in ceramic, wood and even stone.  The shape itself is considered very auspicious for health purposes, but it is of even further value to have pictures drawn, painted or carved onto them.  Many depict the Eight Immortals, deer, cranes, Chinese calligraphy and flowers among other things. The Wu Lou is also often tied in the center with a red ribbon, cord or string for further “activation”.

Wu Lou’s can be seen associated with Sau, the God of Longevity. Sau often either holds a Wu Lou or has them drawn on his long robes. Lee Tie Guai is one of the Eight Immortals (eight superior beings representing the various characteristics of good fortune) who is often associated with the Wu Lou as well.

This gourd-shaped amulet is said to have originated in Ancient China where real gourds were hollowed out and dried, then filled with a liquid that ensured longevity and even immortality.  They were also used on long travels so that hydration was retained and preserved. This is presumably how they became widely known as a health cure. 


Set it by your bedside if you are ill or accident prone, or at the entrance to your home.  

Wear one as a charm on a necklace so that it rests on your body.  These small charms are often made of jade for further protection, but any material is a fine representation of this auspicious amulet.

Carry it as a keychain.  There are many Feng Shui websites that sell them that way and this insures protection wherever you take your keys – particularly while driving.

Place a Wu Lou as protection in the sector wherever the annual number 2 Illness Flying Star is present (you will need basic knowledge of the bagua map for placement in your home). In 2012 it is in the north sector, and in 2013 it flies to the southwest sector. If your front door or bedroom is located in the sector with the number 2 star, it is even more important to protect yourself from it with a Wu Lou.

A Pi Yao is most commonly used to appease the negative effects of the 5 Yellow Flying Star, but a Wu Lou is often used for this star as well.  In 2012 this is in the southeast sector, and in 2013 it will be in the center sector. If your front door or bedroom is located in the sector with the number 5, it is even more important to protect yourself from it.


2 comments on “Feng Shui Amulets: The Wu Lou

  1. Thank you, got one already ! It was used in Mexico to carry water. I appreciate your time and efforts my teacher. My love to you both!

  2. Great article keep up the good work.

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