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Feng Shui Amulets: The Pi Yao

The Pi Yao, also known as the Pixiu, Pi Xiu, Bi Xie, is a popular Feng Shui mythical, celestial creature. It is mostly a hybrid of a lion and dog, but has wings, a single horn on its head and is usually depicted with red eyes for further activation.  Its mouth is open with its sharp, ferocious fangs protruding. Standing at attention, Pi Yao gulps good fortune down into its fat belly which is depicted round and full to symbolize wealth coming in and staying there.Pi Yao is often shown standing on Chinese coins to further protect wealth.  In mythology, it is said that the Pi Yao eats gold, and because it has not anus, it is unable to defecate therefore keeping the wealth of its residence secure inside.

Although fierce and aggressive, Pi Yao is loyal, obedient and protects from harm. The Wu Lou around his neck gives added health protection as well. He is a powerful being, and for this reason is one of the amulets I recommend most as a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultant. Every home and business should have a Pi Yao!

Any material is fine.  Metal seems to be the most popular material for this amulet, and often jewelry versions are made of jade, gold or silver.  Many are made of resin or carved in wood as well.  Pick one that you love!

He is also well-known for appeasing the Grad Duke Jupiter (also known as the Tai Sui). The Grand Duke Jupiter is thought of as God of the Year, taking the position of the ruling Chinese animal sign of every given year.  In 2012 we are in a dragon year, and the dragon’s placement is 113-128 degrees southwest.  In 2013, the year of the snake, Pi Yao should be moved to the snake’s position of 143-158 degrees. Pi Yao should be turned to FACE the direction of the Tai Sui, and we should all always avoid facing the position for the duration of that year.


For personal protection, you can wear a Pi Yao as jewelry.  Pi Yao is often seen as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet, or taken with you when travelling to protect from harm.  You can also keep one in your car or carry it on a keychain.

To Appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, see instructions above.  Remember, you will need a reliable compass to find accurate placement.

There is really no bad placement for a Pi Yao.  I’ve often recommended that the southeast is a good spot for him as it is helpful in protecting your accumulated wealth there.


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