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Happy New Year!

I wonder how many people still make New Year’s resolutions. I personally do, and have for every year I could remember. Of course, like most people, I have not always been successful at reaching my goals. I would usually default on them very early into the new year.  This was BFS though – or Before Feng Shui!  Now I know that applying a few very simple Feng Shui elements helps significantly.

I want to tell you how using Feng Shui makes it easier and easier to keep those annual promises you make to yourself. The practices and cures implemented in my home and office – particularly those made for the new year – have helped me to be a better person all around, and I am honored to have been able to show so many of my clients these tips and tricks that bring out the best in them and their living space. Every individual and every space is different, but here are some universal tips to help you into the new year.

Feng Shui allows us to “kick up” the energy it takes to make things happen for us. These are the most basic, easily implemented tips I could give you without the advantage knowing your individual situation, evaluating your home, knowing your personal Kua number or the direction your house faces. Note: These are generalized recommendations that do not take Flying Star Feng Shui into account.  Be sure to read upcoming blog posts about 2013 Flying Star afflictions and how to correct them in your home.

The following are the top 5 resolutions I’ve been told by my clients with my most basic cures.

Resolution #1: Lose Weight

Start in the kitchen! De-clutter like crazy because all that extra stuff in your kitchen is all that extra weight on you. Give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, get rid of the junk food and stuff that just takes up space. Clear those cabinets of all the old dishes you don’t use or need and if anything is chipped, scratched, dented or cracked – get rid of it! Clean out that fridge, too.  Anything expired or almost empty that never gets used should be tossed. If you could paint your kitchen, for weight loss it is recommended to make it blue, green, or a neutral not in the red family. Display images of vibrancy, health and happiness throughout your home. Finish off by clearing out closets all around your home.

Resolution #2: Get Better Grades

So many students out there don’t even realize there is help in this area! In the west corner of your home or the west of where you do your homework and studying, place anything that signifies metal – a metal sculpture, picture frames, electronics, circular items and the colors white, silver or gray. Avoid the fire element here (colors in the red family, triangular objects, candles or very bright lights). A globe is a great help as well, especially if you have a crystal globe. Don’t sit facing a wall, sit facing into the room when studying.

Resolution #3: Make More Money

Beef up the Southeast! Wood is the element associated with the southeast and this is represented by plants, trees, flowers, the colors green, brown and blue and upright rectangular shapes. Avoid or remove any metal or fire elements you can from this area as it weakens wood. (See some metal and fire characteristics above in Resolution #2.) I don’t like to overlook the north when it comes to finances either. North is ruled by water, so by placing a water fountain, fish tank, anything black, dark blue or with wavy lines will enhance the water here. Avoid the earth element (crystals, pottery, yellow/earth tones, or square/cubed shapes).

Resolution #4: Find True Love

I believe finding love in yourself attracts better quality people to you. Aside from working on this, you can enhance the southwest area of your home, and also the southwest area of your bedroom. Make sure it is clear of clutter and dust. Remove electronics, exercise equipment, and work-related items from your bedroom. Use items that mean love to you. Two of just about anything works as a love cure, so pair things in twos in the southwest. Position your bed so that you can see the door with your head on the pillow. Your bed should not be on the same wall as the bedroom door, nor should your feet point directly out the door. Keep your bedroom warm with color. It is a yin room, so too white or bright is not advisable. Use a pink light bulb in your night light.

Resolution #5: Be Healthier Overall

The center of your home is the heart of it, so this is where you enhance your health. This area in particular must be kept clean, clutter-free and dust-free. Keep it bright here too, and use objects in the red family as well as crystals, rocks, shells, etc. Using yellow or earth tones enhances the center. Get rid of unhealthy plants inside, or trees outside the home. Everything must be lush and healthy.

May 2013 be full of love, prosperity and good health!



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