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Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  Flying Star Feng Shui is a cumbersome burden to me personally, as a practitioner and consultant. I would much rather focus on balancing the energies of the elements, correcting and encouraging the flow of Chi and using décor and color to create a home or workplace that benefits and embraces my clients. Flying Stars often get in the way and even contradict what I would put into place in a given home or office requiring me to be even more creative in my attempt to create balance.  But I do understand that it is a necessary practice that does warrant careful attention. When you read the brief characteristics of these energies below, you’ll see why.



















The stars in 2013 have flown to their original positions in the Lo Shu Square. This means “new beginnings” more than any other numerical formation, and it only happens every nine years. More on the Lo Shu Square in future blog posts, promise!

The energies for the Year of the Snake begin on February 4th, so now is the time to put your cures and enhancements in place.  These energies come on gradually, and you can often feel the changes as early as December. I have simplified the formation and remedies below for easy implementation and application.

Note: In sectors with beneficial numbers, you are further enhanced if your front entrance or bedroom resides there.  Try to occupy that area if it’s advantageous number, and avoid it if detrimental.

Northwest – This is the home of the patriarch, and the Helpful People and Travel area of the space. Having the number 6 star here indicates that there will be heavenly luck for the male head-of-household or businessmen. Enhance this area by adding the earth element.

North – This area represents your Career and Life Purpose.  Having the number 1 star here brings career success and support to the middle son of the family.  Enhance this sector with a tortoise (represents longevity and support), and a water feature.

Northeast – This is the sector representing Wisdom and Knowledge, and the youngest son.  The 8 star brings with it wealth, abundance and prosperity. Add earth and fire here.

West – We were on a roll with beneficial stars, but this is where it gets bad. The sector is for Children (particularly the youngest daughter) and Creativity, and the number 7 metal star brings robbery and violence. It is very important to subdue this star with water, and I always recommend a double-horned blue rhino for this area.  If your entrance is in the west, I’d get a pair of Fu Dogs as well for each side of your door.

Center – The center represents the overall Health and Well-Being of everyone in the household, and having the inauspicious 5 star here is dangerous if you don’t use a cure. Still (yin) water will subdue this earth star.  Do not mistakenly enhance it with earth or fire! Keep the area quiet and clean.

East – This sector is for Family and Community, and represents the oldest or only son. The 3 star here brings with it hostility and disputes, even lawsuits. Although this recommendation contradicts the element of the sector, add fire to subdue the effects.

Southwest – The southwest represents Love and Relationships, as well as the matriarch of the family. As we all know, when mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy!  So this is important: The number 2 illness star moves to this sector affecting the matriarch and anyone in this space as well as all relationships. I always recommend a Wu Lou and Medicine Buddha to be placed where the number 2 flies, and yang metal. That is, metal that moves like a clock or a fan.

South – The south sector is for your Fame, Reputation and Recognition.  The 9 star brings prosperity and abundance, so enhance it with fire and wood. The youngest daughter is most affected here.

Southeast – Abundance and Prosperity as well as the oldest or only daughter is affected by the number 4 star, bringing romance and scholastic luck. Enhance it with some water (not too much).


One comment on “Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake

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