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Lillian Too’s 2013 NYC Extravaganza

Cyndi Martin with Lillian Too at book signing

Cyndi Martin with Lillian Too at book signing

Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too is my mentor.  My knowledge of, and enthusiasm for Feng Shui has come primarily from Lillian over the years.  So when I got the email from her a couple of months ago inviting me to attend her first-ever New York City Feng Shui Extravaganza as a VIP I jumped at the chance! Lillian has been holding her sold-out Extravaganzas elsewhere for many, many years, but nowhere near New York.

The event was very well organized, and all attendees were given lots of information and even some generous goodies upon arrival and also throughout. The purpose of the whole thing was to inform about important annual Feng Shui updates for the year of the Water Snake and to reinforce our knowledge about Spiritual Feng Shui – what she calls “the vital third dimension”.

Here are some very general/quick/random notes from the event:

  • In the year of the snake, natural disasters will likely be in the east of land masses.
  • The beginning and end of the year will be more destructive.
  • The Lap Chun is missing this year, which means it is missing spring (wood). Wear green to boost the wood element!
  • The theme this year – there are hidden resources for all!  Find them and acquire their benefits.
  • The Kalachakra symbol protects from 100,000 obstacles. Best placed at entrances.
  • This year’s Lo Shu is in its original formation. All of the stars are particularly powerful.
  • Women are most susceptible to illness this year.  #2 Black in southwest. MUST remedy!
  • This year, the life force of the snake, horse, monkey and rooster is low.
  • Spirits that cause mischief in your life can be appeased by scent (incense) but only good quality, and only certain scents.
  • If you practice conventional Feng Shui, you must use a compass, formulas and have knowledge of symbolism.
  • Use red, fire energy to overcome the #3 star.

Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too

Lillian uses a lot of spiritual amulets and rituals and explains that we all come from different religious backgrounds which people confuse with being spiritual.  You can be any religion – or NO religion – and still be spiritual.  I am not Buddhist, but I do find images of Buddha, Tara, Chundi… to be powerful in certain sectors of the home, for certain people and situations.  I love what these figures represent and have them in my own home. I’m more reluctant to suggest them during consultations though for many different reasons, but I think I will be bolder now having had Lillian’s reinforcement.

I learned a lot from Lillian at this event. One of the biggest I came away with is that even those of us that consider ourselves quite knowledgeable in any particular field can benefit from a refresher.  This is my first Year of the Snake as a Feng Shui consultant/practitioner so I’m particularly captivated by all of the information.  Hearing things again that I already knew in perhaps a different approach or context than I’m used to practicing them puts a new sparkle back on it – so to speak.  Another thing I learned is that it takes a village.  The people around Lillian to make this all possible and have it run so smoothly were crucial. Everything from the informative slides she showed as she spoke to the timing of it all and the availability of books and products – it went off without a hitch.  Those people took time to speak to so many of the attendees also and they just could not be a nicer bunch.

I will definitely be attending Lillian Too’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza next year, no matter where it is held!


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