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 ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

It’s true: Feng Shui can play a huge part in your love life.  Whether you are looking to rekindle an old flame, desire more love in your existing relationship or are searching for a new love, Feng Shui is a wonderful way to go!

In Part 1 of this post I will give brief descriptions of what to watch out for.  Part 2 will give you quick tips of simple things you can do to enhance your love luck.  Enjoy!

What to Watch Out For:

You really must look at the flying star situation.  What annual star resides in your bedroom?  Sometimes your bedroom spans more than one sector so figure out what kind of energy is affecting your room. My bedroom is in the southwest and also the west sectors of my house.  This causes a couple of problems but if you know how to handle the energies it’s easy to remedy.  See blog post  Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake  for annual star map for 2013. Basic remedies for all sectors are given in that post.

Mirrors that reflect you while lying in bed are bad news. I know a couple that installed a mirror above their bed a year ago and they are no longer together. Another couple I know no longer sleep together – their entire headboard is mirrored! Many bedrooms I’ve seen have mirrored closet doors which reflect the bed.  This is also not helpful.  Among other things including health issues, a mirror symbolizes a third party in your marriage or relationship.  If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, be sure it is facing away from your bed.

Look into poison arrows pointing at your bed. This could include corners of furniture, protruding wall corners and even exterior structures. Angle furniture to remedy this; or place something to block the point.

Bed placement is so important! Do not have your bed on the same wall as the door if you can help it, and also be sure your feet don’t point directly out the door. The best placement for your bed is centered on a wall where you can see the door across the room while you are lying on the bed.

Night stands and lamps or whatever you keep on either side of the bed is also important. It should be symmetrical on both sides of the bed so that one side does not overpower the other.  This symbolizes a dominance in the relationship for the person on the loftier side. Your relationship should be even, and so should your bed.

See if there is a toilet either on the opposite side of the wall where your headboard is, or if there is a toilet in the southwest of your home.  This indicates your love life being flushed away.  There are a few things you can do, including moving your bed away from that wall or painting the wall behind the toilet green (green symbolizes wood which soaks up water). As always, the toilet lid should always be down and the bathroom door should be shut.

Water in your bedroom is not good. While water symbolizes wealth and prosperity, in a bedroom it causes loss.  A water fountain, aquarium or anything else containing water should be removed from the bedroom.

Classical Chinese Feng Shui practitioners should know their Kua number.  I give this and all of the information to go along with it to every one of my clients. It’s important because everyone has good and bad directions to face depending on whether you are an east or west group person.  If you sleep with your head pointing to one of your bad directions then you should try to shift the bed position.  It is quite typical to have two people in a bed where it will be a good direction for one person and not for the other.  If this is the case, either try to find a direction to angle the bed where it is a good direction for both, or you can just try to make up the bad direction in another area (like their seating position while eating or working for example).

Check around your home to see what kind of artwork you have.  If it depicts single men/ladies, especially if it’s in your bedroom, you might want to consider taking those down and replacing them with ones of happy, loving couples.  Paintings or photography of landscapes or botanicals are good choices too.

This is most of the bad news stuff.  Watch for  ♥ FENG SHUI LOVE ♥  Part 2 – Simple Things You Can Do to Enhance Love


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