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♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

In Part 1 of this topic I gave brief descriptions of what to watch out for.  Here in Part 2, I explain quick tips of simple things you can do to enhance your love luck.  Enjoy!

Simple Things You Can Do to Enhance Love Luck:


Double Happiness symbol for love and marriage luck

The southwest is the place for symbols of love, marriage and romance.  It could be the southwest of your bedroom, your living room or family room or the southwest of the home in general. The natural element for the southwest is earth, so earth tones are best.  To further activate the earth element that brings you love, add accents in the fire element with touches of color in the red family.

The Double Happiness symbol is the Chinese calligraphy that enhances feelings of love and is known as the symbol of marriage. Additionally, a pair of

Mandarin ducks or a dragon and phoenix together are symbols of intimacy. As a general rule, things should be displayed in sets of two in a bedroom.  Normally, interior designers might say that sets of three are best aesthetically. This is true, but don’t do it in a bedroom if you want monogamous love in your life.

Of course, symbols do not have to be Chinese. The most obvious symbol, the heart shape, is a powerful tool as well.  Displaying heart-shaped picture frames or heart-shaped artwork adds wonderful love Chi!

I love crystals, and rose quartz is the one to use to enhance love. Be sure it is of good quality and keep one or two in the southwest corner of your bedroom, living room or home. Beautiful purple amethyst is also suitable as a love enhancer. In fact, to keep your man/woman from having a “wandering eye” as they say, slip an amethyst crystal under your own side of the bed and tie with a red string (length in multiples of 9”) to activate. *Note: This is essentially the only case that anything should be kept under your bed.

Believe it or not, the side of the bed you sleep on makes a difference!  The male should sleep on the left (from laying in the bed perspective) and the woman on the right. The male/female balance of yin/yang is important in a bedroom.  This room is the only one in a home that should be a little more yin than yang.

Red or pink light bulbs in a bedroom encourage loving Chi. Red lamps or lampshades can also do the trick.

Didn’t you know I would suggest that you de-clutter? This is the initial procedure for all Feng Shui cures. It must be orderly, not overstuffed and rid of anything you don’t use, love or need. For love and romance, your bedroom especially needs to be uncluttered. If you are looking for love, make room for him or her!  Actually clear space in your closet and even empty a drawer as if that special person is moving in tomorrow.  If you clear it, he or she will come! 🙂

Don’t overdo these enhancements!  Just one or two are enough.  If you have a good man or woman in your life be the person you would want for them. Respect, appreciation and love go a long way in any relationship.

Have a LOVING Valentine’s Day!


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