Feng Shui Basics: Clutter Part 4 – “Hidden” Clutter

It’s time for Spring Cleaning!

We all know to de-clutter our closets, drawers and cabinets. We’ve been through the basement a hundred times weeding out what we no longer need. We’ve kept clothing to a reasonable capacity in our closets.

I’m here to remind you that clearing out old, stagnant items increases the Chi in your home and in your mind. It opens you up to more opportunities including love, wealth and happiness.

Here are some ideas for de-cluttering that you may be less likely to have thought of.

Bathroom Stuff
Do you have 8 half-used shampoos under your sink because you get tired of them mid-bottle and can’t fathom wasting the rest? Make a point to use them up one by one to get them out from under there. Same is true for soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc…. Since they may not be full portions, you will be less likely to get tired of them before you finish them up. If you truly don’t like them, see if someone else in your home might, or just throw them away. Don’t feel bad about tossing it. You now know not to get that brand. Think if it as a learning experience. Recycle the plastic if you can. Don’t give it too much energy though. Remember, the task is just to clear your space!

I recently met someone who designated an entire closet to towels that have worn out so bad that he will not use them any longer. So why keep them? Cut them up and use them as rags, use a few to cover things if you do messy crafts or painting. Get rid of the rest!

Go through all of your medications, both prescription and OTC wherever you keep them in your home, and check the expiration dates. If the date has passed, or if you no longer require that particular med, get rid of it. The FDA suggests that if you throw medication in the trash, that you mix it with undesirable trash such as coffee grounds. Your local pharmacy may also collect expired and unused medications.

Kitchen Stuff
Empty your fridge, wipe down every shelf and replace only what you will eat/drink, what is not expired and is what you know will be used. Repeat with freezer, which is even more likely to have things in it far past their lifespan.

Go through your cabinets. If you have seven mixing bowls and you do not bake, get rid of at least five. Chipped or cracked plates or cups should be tossed. Everything should be in perfect working order. If it is not, it’s clutter.

Most kitchen pantries include expired items. Flour and baking items should be the first to go if they are expired! My doctor advises to replace unused flour every year and that’s what I do. Also, I’m from a generation where my grandparents/parents stockpiled canned goods. These also expire! Check all dates and discard what is past. Many people don’t realize that spices expire, or they don’t think to check the bottles. Make this part of your spring cleaning every year.

Feng Shui Your Electronics!
Go through emails and delete out everything that you don’t need, gives you bad feelings or do not wish to associate with. Unsubscribe or inquire about cutting down the frequency from mailing lists that contact you more often than you care to receive them. Go through your “Sent” mail also, delete out what you don’t need. Remember to also delete the deleted stuff!

Go through files and photos on your computer, phone, tablet, etc… and weed out what does not serve you as useful, helpful or is a positive memory.

Do the same with documents.

Do the same with downloads.

If you have legal documents on your computer, consult an attorney or your accountant depending on the nature of the document. Otherwise, delete and also delete the recycle bin to clear it completely from your life.

Note: If you are on the fence about clearing something off of your computer that is unattainable, my advice is to keep it – at least long enough to think about it more.

Music CDs, movies, workout videos, games and outdated media should be considered while de-cluttering. You could even clear out old shows you’ve recorded on your DVR that you no longer wish to watch.

Do you keep old messages on your phone that no longer serve any purpose? Especially if they are upsetting or do not contain information you particularly need. It’s time to let them go.

Purses and Wallets
If you are like me and change your purse every few months, you might be cleaning it out at least that often.  Really consider what you actually need to carry around with you and if you haven’t used it yet then you probably don’t need it with you everywhere you go.  Check expiration dates on credit cards, coupons and offers you may be hanging onto from various stores.  Discard or file old receipts.  Finally, wipe clean your purse or wallet as best as you can.  If you ever put your purse on the floor this is a Feng Shui no-no!  Use an antibacterial wipe on it, including on the handle if the material will allow. Same for wallets. Dr. Oz has actually advocated for using antibacterial wipes on the inside of it as well, and on the inside of luggage before you travel.

An important reminder about de-cluttering in general: Do not give away, donate or sell anything that is chipped, passed its expiration date, cracked broken or not working in any way. This will only yield bad karma for you. Being charitable is one of the most rewarding things you can be, but make sure it is done with an honest and sincere heart. Also, don’t let being paid for something lead you to being dishonest about the quality of it. Remember: Karma!

This is an infinite topic of which I can go on and on and on. More to come soon!


PS – You may also like to review Feng Shui Basics: Clutter Parts 1, 2 and 3 all within this blog.


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