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What Are You Saving It For???

This is one of those things we all do: save things for just the right “occasion”. Maybe it’s for a holiday, for “company”, for when we have kids, for when we have grand kids, in case we buy a puppy, or there is a zombie apocalypse…. USE IT!  If you cherish it so much to NOT use it, why not actually experience how great you think it is now.  Most people never do get to enjoying whatever “it” is.  Remember, keeping things around unused could contribute to clutter in your home. Besides, you are SO worth it. Enjoy!!

Here are some of the most common ones that I’ve heard from my clients. I bet you’ll find one or two that you are saving as well:



The good dishes



Foods in your pantry

Wine, Champagne

Clothes, Shoes

Stationary, Cards

I would love to hear about other things you “save” in your own home for whatever reason, so let me know! I have loved hearing the rationalizations also.


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