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Long Live Cicadas!

After a whopping 17 years of brewing underground, cicadas will emerge this spring in the northeastern United States.  It is said that their numbers will be in the billions!  Yes, BILLIONS, with a B!  They may very well be viewed as pests, but the good news is that they don’t bite or sting, and they actually assist in the redistribution of nature’s nutrients.  Since cicadas live underground for 17 years, some are as old as 18 making them the longest-living insect known.

More good news about the cicada from a Feng Shui standpoint: Mostly because of their incredibly long life, cicadas are regarded as a symbol of immortality, happiness and eternal youth. For centuries, the Chinese would wear them as a talisman around their necks.  Not real cicadas of course, they are usually carved out of jade. They would also bury their loved ones with one of these jade carvings in order to assure them a long, safe and happy afterlife. If you are lucky enough to find one of these jade-carved cicadas, wear it on your body to bring good fortune and to protect you from danger and dishonesty.

If you live in a region where this infestation might take place – as you observe their perhaps overbearing presence and hear the song of the male mating call – try to recall the high regard of which these creatures have been held and chalk it up to good fortune heading your way.  ♥


One comment on “Long Live Cicadas!

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