Feng Shui Within: Feng Shui and Fitness

*** Please consult with your doctor before taking on any kind of new physical activity. ***

When most people think of Feng Shui, they immediately think of energy (Chi), furniture placement, changing colors and patterns, de-cluttering even the interactions of the five elements. They may consider their external surroundings such as gardens and landscaping; or even the more cosmic aspects like Flying Star charts, Kua directions or Paht Chee.  These things are all very important.

We tend to neglect the internal aspect of the Feng Shui of our bodies though.  This is something I have come to take more and more seriously as I age.

Hitting my mid-forties (yikes!) and practicing Feng Shui professionally for many years now, I am more aware now than ever of my own inner Feng Shui.  This includes being mindful of the quality of nutrition that is consumed, the effects of medications (if any), awareness of breathing and the signals from the body that are trying to tell us something, consciousness of alignment and posture, and overall fitness.  If you are like me, it’s easy to let one or two of these things subside – after all, we’re all busy! We’ve got a lot on our minds!  It takes time and effort to stay on top of all of this!

This is my reminder to you and to myself, to keep current on all aspects of Feng Shui, including the Feng Shui within your own body. In this post, I’m focusing only on fitness.

Fitness doesn’t mean to hit a gym every day. It could be anything that keeps your body moving.  Gardening is a great example of this – push-mowing the lawn, raking leaves, planting, weeding… as well as vacuuming (cleaning in general), or washing your car yourself instead of taking it through a car wash. You could also spend time with kids or grandkids – kick the can or hide and go seek anyone?

Your fitness in particular is a lot like Feng Shui-ing your home:

  • You can’t just do it once.  One workout won’t keep you in shape for life, and one Feng Shui application will not last forever either.  It requires upkeep and sometimes a change.
  • Like exercising, Feng Shui is living and active. It constantly varies and needs attention.
  • A good workout is like moving 27 things: move 27 things in your home and feel a change somewhere in your life.  No, really – try it!
  • Cardio workouts, whether its sports, aerobics or a run on a treadmill, is like massive de-cluttering. Think about emptying the home of a hoarder.  It’s cleansing and revitalizing.
  • Sweat: the purging of impurities in your body is the equivalent to donating/selling/trashing all that no longer serves you in your home.
  • Be sure to drink water during (or after, depending on what you are doing) exercise.  This replenishes the pure, beneficial Chi of your body that will replace any impurities you released in your workout through breath, sweat and movement.
  • Try to breathe fresh air when working out – it’s like a space clearing of the body.
  • The cleaner the oxygen you breathe, the better your skin will look. Going for a run is like a fresh coat of paint on your shiny front door!
  • Long walks equal long life. Bike rides increase circulation. Swim to keep your joints from hurting. Use light weights to keep bones strong. Variation is a wonderful thing. It’s like activating every sector of your home with light and love.
  • A great workout, particularly one outdoors (like a hike, walk or jog, skating, skiing, snowboarding…) helps to alleviate brain fog and has been known to cure writer’s block.  Add that to cleaning all of your windows and you’ve got the clearest head on the block.
  • Strengthening your heart muscle with regular aerobic exercise is like a lifetime of free Merry Maids.
  • Being lazy has been proven to shorten your life.  Laziness in just about anything, including the upkeep of your good Feng Shui, seldom reaps any kind of benefit, if any at all.
  • Our bodies are our home.  It’s where we live. It’s the only home we will ever truly know.  Keep it clean.

I’m no doctor or expert on anatomy, but here is how I see it:  Human bodies are designed to move. We have a skeletal structure that gives us our frame, and our muscles give it movement, protection and support. Our blood is oxygenated by our breath and it is all contained in our flesh and skin. Our functional organs are protected within the skeletal and muscular system.  Our movements are controlled by our brain. When you think about it all, we are an amazing creation – no matter what your personal beliefs are on how we have been created. Truly, your body is a miracle and should be treated as such.  The importance of using your body in a functional way, keeping it moving and flowing every day, is crucial to your longevity and quality of life.

“A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest.”

  ~  Part of Newton’s Law of Motion. 

It Makes sense, doesn’t it?  If the upkeep of your home is important to you, why wouldn’t the preservation of your body be? Keep on moving.  Even in a small way. Do what you can for yourself and the people who love you.  ♥

*** Please consult with your doctor before taking on any kind of new physical activity. ***


3 comments on “Feng Shui Within: Feng Shui and Fitness

  1. Yeah Cyndi! I told you! Should become a Pilates instructor, you would be amazing!

  2. Excellent post! I have heard about Feng Shui before but never thought about doing it for my body. I exercise all the time and never thought about revitalizing it for my body. Great tips, I will be using them.

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