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It’s “Hungry Ghosts Month”!

It’s “Hungry Ghosts Month”! 

Here’s the deal:

  • The seventh month of the Chinese calendar year is considered Hungry Ghosts Month. The dates this year are August 7th through September 4th.
  • Hungry Ghosts Month is when it is believed the spirits and souls of the dead who are in their stage of “limbo” and can occupy our world along with us, are set free to roam among us openly.  
  • It is believed that billions of spirits walk among us during this time.
  • As they do, they can cause havoc in our lives and make things very difficult for us. 
  • Appease these spirits, pay your respects and help them with “gifts” and empathy, and they will likely be less harmful and even more helpful to you.
  • The most common appeasement is incense. The smoke, most potently of sandalwood, sage or frankincense, is like a chocoholic eating a giant, triple chocolate cake!
  • Some people also leave oranges for them, some baked goods and burn money for them; all believed to calm them and get the on your side.
  • Ask them for their assistance once you’ve offered them their appeasement.
  • It is said that these spirits are attracted to dark, yin places.  Keep your home bright, open doors and windows to let some fresh air and sunshine in, and be sure your house is dust and clutter-free.
  • This year, August 20th is considered the most powerful day of Hungry Ghosts Month. This is when it is believed that all of the gates are open for the spirit world to mingle with ours.  It’s the most important day to appease them however possible.



One comment on “It’s “Hungry Ghosts Month”!

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