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New Year 2017 Quick Tips

At the end of the year, whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, there are a few things you can do to allow for “clean chi” to enter your home, office or wherever for a fresh start to the upcoming year:

  1. DECLUTTER!  I say it a lot, but particularly now, it’s a wonderful way to allow for the energy of the new year into your space.
  2. Please, dust and clean.  Dust holds on to negative chi in your space. The only way to rid yourself of that stagnant, stale energy is to literally get rid of it.  Dust is a magnet to negative chi.  You’ll be glad that you cleaned it out if you take the time to do it.
  3. Move 27 things.  Really.  Rearrange, reconfigure, reorganize… it’s like a face lift for your space.  Yep, the magic number for this is 27.
  4. Kitchen purge!  Go through your spice rack, your pantry and your fridge – anything expired, about to expire that you know you won’t use – toss it!  Don’t let the new year hit with all of this “stuff” that is just taking up space. Also, dishes, glasses, bake-ware, etc that is chipped cracked or scratched should be let go of.  Your belongings should reflect a life of prosperity – particularly in the kitchen.
  5. WASH YOUR BEDDING… and pick up and wash any clothes hanging around your room.
  6. Dump all of your trash cans around your home or office. They should be empty as you ring in the new year.
  7. What’s in your purse/wallet? Go through it and toss anything that you don’t use like expired coupons, old receipts you don’t need, broken hair clips, pens that don’t write, etc….
  8. Clear your front door: This is the “Mouth of Chi” to your home and should be clean, neat and as openly accessible as possible.
  9. Roll in nine oranges!  Oranges symbolize wealth. buy nine (or ten) oranges and literally roll them INTO your house through the front door.  This symbolizes prosperity coming your way.  Displaying the oranges in a bowl on your kitchen table is indicative of the affluence coming your way for the  new year.
  10. Space clear. This is decluttering for the air in your home.  crack a couple of windows and walk around each room, clockwise, clapping your hands, ringing a metal bell, using a singing bowl, or whatever you would like to use. This literally cleanses the stagnant, heaviness you may or may not be feeling. yes, it does work when done with sincere intention.

Happy New Year to all!


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