Astrological Feng Shui

2013 Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time again: Mercury appears to be in retrograde from Feb. 23, 2013 to Mar. 17, 2013.  Read below for more information. Mercury in Retrograde What is Mercury Retrograde you ask? I read on that it is considered “Astrology’s Cosmic Monkey Wrench”. I love that! It’s so true. For every yearly rotation around […]

Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  Flying Star Feng Shui is a cumbersome burden to me personally, as a practitioner and consultant. I would much rather focus on balancing the energies of the elements, correcting and encouraging the flow of Chi and using décor and color to create a home or workplace that […]

Mercury in Retrograde

In March, for the first Mercury Retrograde of this year, I put the following post on my website (not having this blog at the time!).  It explains Mercury Retrograde, what to expect, how to guard yourself, etc…. We have started this retrograde again today, July 14th, 2012.  There will be one more this year after this.  […]