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Feng Shui for Wealth

I have never passed along a link like this in my blog, but this particular one has very valuable information.  I have said over and over that you have to make physical space in your life for new opportunities, wealth, health, love, etc…. Here is another take on that.

Use This Formula to Instantly Increase Cash Flow…Really!

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2013 Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time again: Mercury appears to be in retrograde from Feb. 23, 2013 to Mar. 17, 2013.  Read below for more information.

Mercury in Retrograde

What is Mercury Retrograde you ask? I read on www.rulingplanets.com that it is considered “Astrology’s Cosmic Monkey Wrench”. I love that! It’s so true.

For every yearly rotation around the sun for Earth, Mercury has just over four rotations. Both planets move in the same direction around the sun, Earth just rotates at a slower rate. So from our perspective, there are times when it APPEARS that Mercury is moving backwards, or “retrograde” in relation to the Zodiac laid out in the stars. This appears to happen for about 3 weeks at a time, 3 times a year.

You might notice a heightened intuitive edge over the next few weeks.  Coincidences seem to happen more often during this time as well.  Pay close attention and you will see!

Unlike Feng Shui Flying Stars that tend to decrease in potency on the first and last days of its cycle, Mercury is actually at its strongest during these days. What that means for us here on Earth is that we need to be careful and mindful of certain mishaps, and allow for them in our lives as there is not much we can do about it!

Mostly it is just minor annoyances. Computer glitches are very common during the weeks of Mercury Retrograde, so anything relating to computers, email, phones, or any of our other daily electronic uses may go awry. Travel is another area where we need to take precautions. Expect delays and mishaps. Your astute communication skills might be sapped as misunderstandings abound and relationships are strained as a result.

What to do?

Plan for extra time while commuting or traveling. Bring something to do during delays so frustration does not set in. If it does, remember there are communication problems as well, so don’t make matters worse by complaining about it. Try to keep a sense of humor.

Confirm appointments, check and re-check your electronic calendar to be sure nothing disappeared. This is a good time to back up files, making sure nothing gets lost or erased. Give people space, don’t be confrontational or take things personally during this time.

Take a tip from the planet Mercury! Retrograde is a time to “RE”: Rewrite, reconnect, reorganize, redo, reread, re-energize, renew, research, refresh, reminisce, etc…. It is not recommended that you start anything new during the weeks of Mercury Retrograde.

Everything will be back to normal before you know it! There are two more periods just like this for 2013 this year – June 26 through July 20 and October 21 through November 10.

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♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

In Part 1 of this topic I gave brief descriptions of what to watch out for.  Here in Part 2, I explain quick tips of simple things you can do to enhance your love luck.  Enjoy!

Simple Things You Can Do to Enhance Love Luck:


Double Happiness symbol for love and marriage luck

The southwest is the place for symbols of love, marriage and romance.  It could be the southwest of your bedroom, your living room or family room or the southwest of the home in general. The natural element for the southwest is earth, so earth tones are best.  To further activate the earth element that brings you love, add accents in the fire element with touches of color in the red family.

The Double Happiness symbol is the Chinese calligraphy that enhances feelings of love and is known as the symbol of marriage. Additionally, a pair of

Mandarin ducks or a dragon and phoenix together are symbols of intimacy. As a general rule, things should be displayed in sets of two in a bedroom.  Normally, interior designers might say that sets of three are best aesthetically. This is true, but don’t do it in a bedroom if you want monogamous love in your life.

Of course, symbols do not have to be Chinese. The most obvious symbol, the heart shape, is a powerful tool as well.  Displaying heart-shaped picture frames or heart-shaped artwork adds wonderful love Chi!

I love crystals, and rose quartz is the one to use to enhance love. Be sure it is of good quality and keep one or two in the southwest corner of your bedroom, living room or home. Beautiful purple amethyst is also suitable as a love enhancer. In fact, to keep your man/woman from having a “wandering eye” as they say, slip an amethyst crystal under your own side of the bed and tie with a red string (length in multiples of 9”) to activate. *Note: This is essentially the only case that anything should be kept under your bed.

Believe it or not, the side of the bed you sleep on makes a difference!  The male should sleep on the left (from laying in the bed perspective) and the woman on the right. The male/female balance of yin/yang is important in a bedroom.  This room is the only one in a home that should be a little more yin than yang.

Red or pink light bulbs in a bedroom encourage loving Chi. Red lamps or lampshades can also do the trick.

Didn’t you know I would suggest that you de-clutter? This is the initial procedure for all Feng Shui cures. It must be orderly, not overstuffed and rid of anything you don’t use, love or need. For love and romance, your bedroom especially needs to be uncluttered. If you are looking for love, make room for him or her!  Actually clear space in your closet and even empty a drawer as if that special person is moving in tomorrow.  If you clear it, he or she will come! 🙂

Don’t overdo these enhancements!  Just one or two are enough.  If you have a good man or woman in your life be the person you would want for them. Respect, appreciation and love go a long way in any relationship.

Have a LOVING Valentine’s Day!

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 ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

It’s true: Feng Shui can play a huge part in your love life.  Whether you are looking to rekindle an old flame, desire more love in your existing relationship or are searching for a new love, Feng Shui is a wonderful way to go!

In Part 1 of this post I will give brief descriptions of what to watch out for.  Part 2 will give you quick tips of simple things you can do to enhance your love luck.  Enjoy!

What to Watch Out For:

You really must look at the flying star situation.  What annual star resides in your bedroom?  Sometimes your bedroom spans more than one sector so figure out what kind of energy is affecting your room. My bedroom is in the southwest and also the west sectors of my house.  This causes a couple of problems but if you know how to handle the energies it’s easy to remedy.  See blog post  Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake  for annual star map for 2013. Basic remedies for all sectors are given in that post.

Mirrors that reflect you while lying in bed are bad news. I know a couple that installed a mirror above their bed a year ago and they are no longer together. Another couple I know no longer sleep together – their entire headboard is mirrored! Many bedrooms I’ve seen have mirrored closet doors which reflect the bed.  This is also not helpful.  Among other things including health issues, a mirror symbolizes a third party in your marriage or relationship.  If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, be sure it is facing away from your bed.

Look into poison arrows pointing at your bed. This could include corners of furniture, protruding wall corners and even exterior structures. Angle furniture to remedy this; or place something to block the point.

Bed placement is so important! Do not have your bed on the same wall as the door if you can help it, and also be sure your feet don’t point directly out the door. The best placement for your bed is centered on a wall where you can see the door across the room while you are lying on the bed.

Night stands and lamps or whatever you keep on either side of the bed is also important. It should be symmetrical on both sides of the bed so that one side does not overpower the other.  This symbolizes a dominance in the relationship for the person on the loftier side. Your relationship should be even, and so should your bed.

See if there is a toilet either on the opposite side of the wall where your headboard is, or if there is a toilet in the southwest of your home.  This indicates your love life being flushed away.  There are a few things you can do, including moving your bed away from that wall or painting the wall behind the toilet green (green symbolizes wood which soaks up water). As always, the toilet lid should always be down and the bathroom door should be shut.

Water in your bedroom is not good. While water symbolizes wealth and prosperity, in a bedroom it causes loss.  A water fountain, aquarium or anything else containing water should be removed from the bedroom.

Classical Chinese Feng Shui practitioners should know their Kua number.  I give this and all of the information to go along with it to every one of my clients. It’s important because everyone has good and bad directions to face depending on whether you are an east or west group person.  If you sleep with your head pointing to one of your bad directions then you should try to shift the bed position.  It is quite typical to have two people in a bed where it will be a good direction for one person and not for the other.  If this is the case, either try to find a direction to angle the bed where it is a good direction for both, or you can just try to make up the bad direction in another area (like their seating position while eating or working for example).

Check around your home to see what kind of artwork you have.  If it depicts single men/ladies, especially if it’s in your bedroom, you might want to consider taking those down and replacing them with ones of happy, loving couples.  Paintings or photography of landscapes or botanicals are good choices too.

This is most of the bad news stuff.  Watch for  ♥ FENG SHUI LOVE ♥  Part 2 – Simple Things You Can Do to Enhance Love

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2013’s Lap Chun Pussy Willow


Live Pussy Willow branches from http://www.nettletonhollow.com

A lot of Chinese New Year traditions that are practiced each year around this time, but one slipped by me until this year that I thought I would try.  Lillian Too, who has taught me just about everything I know about Feng Shui and Chinese traditions has been talking about it for years but for some reason, it only caught on this year for me.

Pussy Willow branches are one of the best symbols of spring.  This year is lacking Lap Chun, meaning the the spring season is not present. As I explained in a previous blog post, it is a good idea to bring in signs of spring for the Chinese New Year this year. Wearing green and enjoying some springtime flowers are a great way to do this.  Pussy Willows are just one of the many solid examples of spring.

I’m not one to give shout outs normally, but I have to rave about http://www.nettletonhollow.com, a place I found online that is out of Brooklyn, NY.  They sent me these live, very fresh branches of Pussy Willow which I ordered for my own Chinese New Year celebrations at home and they are just so perfect and beautiful that I had to pull them out of the water to prove to people that they were real! I ordered 20 branches thinking I’d have to weed the bad ones out and I’d  be left with just a few, but every single branch was perfect.

The process is to buy them with the buds, change water daily and watch them flower.  I hung many coins on the branches for wealth luck, as well as health (Wu Lou), happiness (mystic knot) and love (double happiness) symbols.

I realize that the New Years celebrations are behind us now, and that we are in the time period (between Feb 10th, Lunar New Year and 25th, 15 days afterwards) to try hard to live as we would want our whole year to go – meaning be charitable, happy, loving, patient….  It is said that this time period directly influences the rest of your year.  I don’t think it’s ever too late to bring spring into your home though, especially on a year that is lacking Lap Chun.

So get those springtime symbols, whichever ones you love, and display them and enjoy them every day.  Remember to take care of them and if you do get live plant or flowers do dispose of them if/when they wilt.

There may still be snow on the ground, but we need that wood element this year!

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Lillian Too’s 2013 NYC Extravaganza

Cyndi Martin with Lillian Too at book signing

Cyndi Martin with Lillian Too at book signing

Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too is my mentor.  My knowledge of, and enthusiasm for Feng Shui has come primarily from Lillian over the years.  So when I got the email from her a couple of months ago inviting me to attend her first-ever New York City Feng Shui Extravaganza as a VIP I jumped at the chance! Lillian has been holding her sold-out Extravaganzas elsewhere for many, many years, but nowhere near New York.

The event was very well organized, and all attendees were given lots of information and even some generous goodies upon arrival and also throughout. The purpose of the whole thing was to inform about important annual Feng Shui updates for the year of the Water Snake and to reinforce our knowledge about Spiritual Feng Shui – what she calls “the vital third dimension”.

Here are some very general/quick/random notes from the event:

  • In the year of the snake, natural disasters will likely be in the east of land masses.
  • The beginning and end of the year will be more destructive.
  • The Lap Chun is missing this year, which means it is missing spring (wood). Wear green to boost the wood element!
  • The theme this year – there are hidden resources for all!  Find them and acquire their benefits.
  • The Kalachakra symbol protects from 100,000 obstacles. Best placed at entrances.
  • This year’s Lo Shu is in its original formation. All of the stars are particularly powerful.
  • Women are most susceptible to illness this year.  #2 Black in southwest. MUST remedy!
  • This year, the life force of the snake, horse, monkey and rooster is low.
  • Spirits that cause mischief in your life can be appeased by scent (incense) but only good quality, and only certain scents.
  • If you practice conventional Feng Shui, you must use a compass, formulas and have knowledge of symbolism.
  • Use red, fire energy to overcome the #3 star.

Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too

Lillian uses a lot of spiritual amulets and rituals and explains that we all come from different religious backgrounds which people confuse with being spiritual.  You can be any religion – or NO religion – and still be spiritual.  I am not Buddhist, but I do find images of Buddha, Tara, Chundi… to be powerful in certain sectors of the home, for certain people and situations.  I love what these figures represent and have them in my own home. I’m more reluctant to suggest them during consultations though for many different reasons, but I think I will be bolder now having had Lillian’s reinforcement.

I learned a lot from Lillian at this event. One of the biggest I came away with is that even those of us that consider ourselves quite knowledgeable in any particular field can benefit from a refresher.  This is my first Year of the Snake as a Feng Shui consultant/practitioner so I’m particularly captivated by all of the information.  Hearing things again that I already knew in perhaps a different approach or context than I’m used to practicing them puts a new sparkle back on it – so to speak.  Another thing I learned is that it takes a village.  The people around Lillian to make this all possible and have it run so smoothly were crucial. Everything from the informative slides she showed as she spoke to the timing of it all and the availability of books and products – it went off without a hitch.  Those people took time to speak to so many of the attendees also and they just could not be a nicer bunch.

I will definitely be attending Lillian Too’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza next year, no matter where it is held!

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Quick Reference of Flying Stars for the Year of the Water Snake

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  Flying Star Feng Shui is a cumbersome burden to me personally, as a practitioner and consultant. I would much rather focus on balancing the energies of the elements, correcting and encouraging the flow of Chi and using décor and color to create a home or workplace that benefits and embraces my clients. Flying Stars often get in the way and even contradict what I would put into place in a given home or office requiring me to be even more creative in my attempt to create balance.  But I do understand that it is a necessary practice that does warrant careful attention. When you read the brief characteristics of these energies below, you’ll see why.



















The stars in 2013 have flown to their original positions in the Lo Shu Square. This means “new beginnings” more than any other numerical formation, and it only happens every nine years. More on the Lo Shu Square in future blog posts, promise!

The energies for the Year of the Snake begin on February 4th, so now is the time to put your cures and enhancements in place.  These energies come on gradually, and you can often feel the changes as early as December. I have simplified the formation and remedies below for easy implementation and application.

Note: In sectors with beneficial numbers, you are further enhanced if your front entrance or bedroom resides there.  Try to occupy that area if it’s advantageous number, and avoid it if detrimental.

Northwest – This is the home of the patriarch, and the Helpful People and Travel area of the space. Having the number 6 star here indicates that there will be heavenly luck for the male head-of-household or businessmen. Enhance this area by adding the earth element.

North – This area represents your Career and Life Purpose.  Having the number 1 star here brings career success and support to the middle son of the family.  Enhance this sector with a tortoise (represents longevity and support), and a water feature.

Northeast – This is the sector representing Wisdom and Knowledge, and the youngest son.  The 8 star brings with it wealth, abundance and prosperity. Add earth and fire here.

West – We were on a roll with beneficial stars, but this is where it gets bad. The sector is for Children (particularly the youngest daughter) and Creativity, and the number 7 metal star brings robbery and violence. It is very important to subdue this star with water, and I always recommend a double-horned blue rhino for this area.  If your entrance is in the west, I’d get a pair of Fu Dogs as well for each side of your door.

Center – The center represents the overall Health and Well-Being of everyone in the household, and having the inauspicious 5 star here is dangerous if you don’t use a cure. Still (yin) water will subdue this earth star.  Do not mistakenly enhance it with earth or fire! Keep the area quiet and clean.

East – This sector is for Family and Community, and represents the oldest or only son. The 3 star here brings with it hostility and disputes, even lawsuits. Although this recommendation contradicts the element of the sector, add fire to subdue the effects.

Southwest – The southwest represents Love and Relationships, as well as the matriarch of the family. As we all know, when mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy!  So this is important: The number 2 illness star moves to this sector affecting the matriarch and anyone in this space as well as all relationships. I always recommend a Wu Lou and Medicine Buddha to be placed where the number 2 flies, and yang metal. That is, metal that moves like a clock or a fan.

South – The south sector is for your Fame, Reputation and Recognition.  The 9 star brings prosperity and abundance, so enhance it with fire and wood. The youngest daughter is most affected here.

Southeast – Abundance and Prosperity as well as the oldest or only daughter is affected by the number 4 star, bringing romance and scholastic luck. Enhance it with some water (not too much).